Its your identity.    It should belong to you!

Take control and manage it now with BPID identity control.

You should decide who has your identity and what ID information they have.

You have a right to know who has your identity and what information they have.

The best way to understand BPID control panel is to answer two simple questions:

  1. Do you know everyone who has your personal information?
  2. Do you know what information you gave them?

In the BPID password-free control panel, users group their personal information into levels for different purposes. That is because people use identity for different purposes, like church, work, social, or financial. Each purpose may have more or less personal information. Your bank may need your social security number but your social or business group needs your business contact.

Take control. It’s all about ownership of your identity. Protect, secure and control your on line identity now with BPID personal identity control panel.

There is more! You should also know who has your information.

In your BPID password-free user control panel, you can search your registration history and know what what personal information your provided when you registered. You can decide to update at some sites automatically, manually or not at all when you change phone number, job, or addressees.

Its your identity.    It belongs to you!

Take control & manage it now.