Felony: Stupidity.

8th grade teen arrested and charged with felony for having a stupid teacher.

A teen student accessed the computer of a teacher by using the teachers name as a password and gets felony charge.

Maybe things have changed since I was a teen.

It seems that if you leave the gate to the yard open and don’t close the chicken coop door, you can’t really blame the fox for having an omelet for dinner. But Holiday police think differently.



Domanik Green pulled a prank and got caught. But the hard part is understanding why he is charged with felony cybercrime when the teacher who used his own name as a password isn’t arrested for felony stupidity.

In Florida they have standardized testing for students. Might it be a good idea to have minimal computer security awareness for teachers? Doesn’t the faculty have minimal computer competency? Apparently not. So lets blame the student.

What do you think?

Isn’t it time we put the poor password to rest?